Mirage Online Classic Wiki

List of Items

Image Name Type Materials Notes
Wood Billet.png
Wood Billet Currency Transform a standard log into a smooth cylinder of wood.
Whittled Round.png
Whittled Round Currency
Carve pieces of timber into wooden orbs.
Success rate dependent on skill level.
Beginner's Rod.png
Beginner's Rod Accessory Create a basic fishing rod for catching fish(50 uses)
Fishing Pole.png
Fishing Pole Accessory Create a standard fishing rod for catching fish (500 uses)
Crappie-o-matic 5000 Accessory Create a special fishing rod specifically for catching Crappies (2500 uses)
Angler's Reel.png
Angler's Reel Accessory Create an advanced fishing rod for catching fish (2500 uses)
War Club.png
War Club Weapon
75 to 95 Physical Attack
25% NPC Experience
5000 uses

Crafting Location