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Advised Level : 10+

Recommended Party Size : 1+

Loot Level : 10


Mouse Hover from the Legends on the Quests World Map page to figure out their global location

Tomb of Trizarhn1.png


In order to complete Tomb of Trizarhn, you need to find 2 keys.

Tomb Doors.png

Follow the Portal Solution as indicated below based on the First Portal you took.

Portal Solution

First Portal Is TOP

First Portal Top.png
Second Portal First Was Top.png
Third Portal First Was Top.png
Tomb of Trizarhn Maze Solution Top.png
Fourth Portal First Was Top.png

First Portal Is MIDDLE

First Portal Middle.png
Second Portal First Was Middle.png
Third Portal First Was Middle.png
Tomb of Trizarhn Maze Solution Middle.png
Fourth Portal First Was Middle.png

First Portal Is BOTTOM

First Portal Bottom.png
Second Portal First Was Bottom.png
Third Portal First Was Bottom.png
Tomb of Trizarhn Maze Solution Bottom.png
Fourth Portal First Was Bottom.png

Quagmire Wrong Portal Solution


Tomb of Trizarhn 10mb.png



  • Travel through the spiral
  • Locate two keys
  • Defeat the shade


Tomb of Trizarhn Treasure

1500 Adventurer