Mirage Online Classic Wiki

Important Note Before You Start The Game[]

  • When you enter a new map, don't move, as you will not be attacked by mobs and will be able to heal in relative safety
  • Make sure to read the tutorial, as lots don't and end up looking dumb when they ask question about stuff they should know already
  • Stay out of combat to regenerate Health Magic and Stamina points faster.
  • Double click to use an item, can open treasure chest, equip an item or use a consumable.
  • To use bank or sell items go to the Bank building and click on highlighted SHOP label on your Left or Right side panel.

Combat Skills[]

  • If you close the client in combat you will stay in game for about 30 seconds after that your character will be forced to logout completely.
  • If you kill all monsters in the current map and then stop moving or attacking, the respawned monsters wont aggro you
  • It's possible to kite with melee attacks even though there is a very small window time to hit and run.
  • There is an aggro range for monsters as example rats have 5 tiles aggro range.
  • Monster respawn after 60s if you are not on the map, which also happen to drop the aggro.
  • Items with Hybrid stats tend to take more durability damage, as example an armor with range attack will take damage for every landed shot and also protects you from damage.
  • Some monster have swarm perk that means if you attack one of them they will all target you immediately.
  • You can quickly cast your Ability then instantly attack right after, in some cases doesn't work the other way.
  • Never click on accept when a cleric ressurrects you, just decline it then move to a correct spot "as a ghost" and type /accept
  • Turn-hitting is a very useful skill for melee classes. You will hit something, then immediately turn and run, then readjust yourself for another hit. Repeat until target is dead. Skilled turn-hitters can fluently and easily turn-hit without being hit back. Very useful in PVP as well as questing. Note: Turn-hitting without sp is troublesome, but not impossible.

Trading Skills[]

  • The best way to get tools for free is do Dungeons over and over again.
  • You must have the tool equipped before mining, woodcutting or fishing.
  • Each node has 50 resource you need to move to next node before it starts to regenerate.
  • Watch out for some monster that spawns when mining, woodcutting and fishing.


  • There are two different way to interact with an NPC on a map watch out the dialog bubble you can click, also the highlighted button labeled "Shop" click on it.
  • Some monsters are special like "Dirty Bomb" or "V'Loritch" they explodes upon being killed, some have special abilities, speeds up or even immune to certain type of attack during different phases.
  • Last hit on monster get GOLD but EXP is divided amongst the attackers.


  • To drop an item simple right click on it.
  • Potions share a global cooldown.
  • You can't unequip items if you are in combat neither drop, but if your slot is empty you can equip.
  • Do not open treasure chests when your inventory is full, you drop exceeded items on the ground.

Aggro Management[]

  • Normal attack generates 1 aggro.
  • Assassin poison attack is guarantee to generate +5 aggro with poison ticking.


  • Although not a lot of players care about this but having multiple type of armor is so impactful against different type of monsters (Ranged Defense, Melee Defense or Magic Defense).


  • There are multiple respawn locations "Usually they are the Green Beds" on the world including the ones in guild halls
  • Some nasty monsters might spawn while you are trying to level up your prospecting, fishing or lumberjacking trade skills so watch out they drop resources if you kill them.
  • You don't have to travel all the way down to the castle to get a new slayer task, just write /slaying will work.


  • Guild Halls are on red maps that means other players can't bypass you if you are in combat.
  • Guild Hall doors have limited time once open the timer countdown you can stay on top of the door to protect your base from raiders till it's closed giving no chance for them to advance. Whenever you open a vault door (or a door in general), you can always use your body to block the door's entrance. Your body will prevent another player from using the door. So when you enter a guild, make sure to stand at the entrance, and wait for the door to close, before proceeding. Same goes with exiting.


  • If you stand on a respawn point like beds you are immune to any damage so pretty safe.
  • Do not forgot to claim your daily reward it's based on your adventure level at Crendale
  • You don't have to write the whole name of a player to send a private message as example if a player named "ABCDEFGH14587"
    just put "@AB Hello" would work if no other player has these 2 initial letters on the server.