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Slaying skill consists of killing certain monsters based on the player's Slaying level via Slaying Tasks.

Slaying Tasks can be obtain by either talking to Prince Desmond located in Crendale Keep or simply by typing /slaying command.

Slaying is very profitable early on, it's recommended to know the best spots for each of the slaying monsters or a player could ask in the global chat to get a response.

Advanced info[]

  • Short missions to vanquish a specific enemy
  • Receive a rare challenge every five missions
  • Reroll your mission for 25,000 gold coins
  • Extend bonus kill amount by 25 for 25,000 gold coins
  • Standard mission reward starts at +300% player experience
  • Standard mission rewards increase by 30% per slayer level
  • Rare mission reward starts at +3000% player experience
  • Rare mission rewards increase by 75% per slayer level


Slaying Encounters and Best Spots[]


It's recommended to map switch if the respawn timer is too long.

Use the best spots to speed up the slaying farming.

You could also set respawn in different location to suicide and respawn faster.