Mirage Online Classic Wiki


The Rangers primary source of damage comes from ranged weapons. They are very adept at kiting and have a great sustain in stamina.

Subclass Abilities

  • Best Friend : Self-Interact. Deploy a hunting dog that attacks based on your 100% of your highest damage type. Requires weapon to be equipped. [8 sec CD] [PVP only]
  • Trap & Shoot : Self-Interact. Traps target in place for .5 second and increases damage by 275 for 3 seconds. Increases by 40 per 10 levels. Requires weapon to be equipped. [7 sec CD]


  • Standard: Base class build. Only max stats increase on level.
  • Balanced: Min & max stats gained per level are even.
  • Turtle: Max SP reduced by 50%; HP increases by 6 per lost SP.



End-game expectations