Mirage Online Classic Wiki

A very significant aspect of Mirage Online Classic is its player versus player combat. Player versus player, or PvP, takes place primarily in guild wars, however non-guilded players can also murder and be murdered in certain areas.


To know the safety of your location, you can look at the color of your current map name. There are three types of maps:

  • Blue maps are completely safe; no player can attack or be attacked by any other player, under any circumstance.
  • White maps allow only for guilded warfare. If both of Guilds have set their declaration to War, any guilded player with a Guild rank Soldier or superior may attack any other Guilded player that are not Initiate. Unguilded players remain completely safe, and may not attack any player.
  • Red maps are free for all; any player may attack any other player.
  • Yellow maps are free for all with no drops; any player may attack any other player, even alliied guilds and players in your own guilds.


  • Players may engage in combat with other players on the majority of the Red Maps.
  • The maximum difference between players that can attack each other is No Limit.
  • Players are warned before getting into a Red Map.
  • If you close your client you will still stay in game for about 30 seconds before getting off.
  • If your level is greater or equal to 20 there is a chance to lose 1 equipped item upon being killed in Red Map or White maps
  • Upon landing the last hit on your opponent, you get an item from it.
  • Even when you die to a monster you will still drop your items to the player that hits you the most.
  • Even if you don't have anything equipped you will still lose a random equipable item from your inventory.


  • There is a chance to lose 1 equipped item even if you are low level in Ridorana.

Player Killing

Player Killing Status can be achieved if you kill a player.

Using a Forgiveness Brew Potion will remove the player killer status.