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Lumberjacking is a gathering skill that involves chopping trees to obtain logs and other sorts of items. To chop a tree, a player will first need a hatchet, facedown a tree and press the attack while having the hatchet equipped. The higher a player's Lumberjacking level is the more likely drop rates increase.


Hatchets cannot be repaired and must be hold in the accessory slot to be able to chop trees. They can be made by players.

Image Name Type Material Uses
Beginner's Axe.png
Beginner's Axe Accessory 50
Hatchet Accessory 500
Double-Bitted Axe.png
Double-Bitted Axe Accessory 2500

Crafting Location


Lumberjacking Resources

Image Name Price Sold at Price Bought at
Timber.png Timber 5
Nut.png Nut