Mirage Online Classic Wiki


The Knight specializes in defense and melee combat. They can sustain the most damage of any class, and is best suited at the front lines, keeping the enemy’s attention.

Subclass Abilities

  • Parry: Self-Interact. Prepare yourself for a second to deflect incoming physical attacks and counter attack for with 50% effectiveness. Increases by 5% per 10 levels. Does not impact attack cooldown. Weapon must be equipped. [5 sec CD]
  • Battle Ready : Passive. Reduces damage taken by 30% of damage dealt if a weapon is equipped; Damage reduction is capped at 300. Increases by 60 per 10 levels. [Expires after 15 sec of inactivity].


  • Standard: Base class build. Only max stats increase on level.
  • Balanced: Min & max stats gained per level are even.
  • Turtle: Max SP reduced by 50%; HP increases by 6 per lost SP.


End-game expectations