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Hunting is a combat skill gained from killing specific monsters, the player needs a Hunter's Knife or Hunter's Machete that can be obtained only via Forging, equipped in the accessory slot, the monster has a chance to drop a Secondary loot.

These Secondary loots can be traded for various items from the Sulk the Unspectacular

Drop Table[]

Image Name Dropped by Price Sold at Price Bought at
Wolf Carcass
Wolf Carcass Wolf
Bear Carcass
Bear Carcass Bear
Primate Carcass
Primate Carcass Gorilla
Scorpion Sting
Scorpion Sting Giant Scorpion
Molten Scorpion
Gorilla Femur Cabal Gorilla
Egg Burby
Goblin Rock Rock Goblin
Stone Heart Pebble