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Guild is an organized group of players who participate together in group activities such as player killing, training skills, boss killing, minigames, or simply existing as a community of friends they remain one of the most prominent aspects of the game.

Guild Requirements


  1. Requires to be on a Safe Map.
  2. Buy a Guild Deed from Crendale Inn 100k coins.
  3. Must pay 5000 gold upkeep every 7 days.
  4. If you own a Guild Hall the upkeep increases.
  5. You need to be Level 20.


  1. You need 5000 gold.
  2. You need to be Level 5.
  3. You need to be Level 20 to be able to participate in Guild vs Guild with Soldier+ Rank.

Guild Features


Ranks amongst members, used on some indoors to block access.

  1. Initiate (Can't participate in Guild vs Guild, safe from PVP on White Maps)
  2. Soldier (Requires to be Level 20+, can participate in Guild vs Guild on White Maps)
  3. Officer
  4. Founder


  1. Alliance
  2. Neutral
  3. War

Guild Chat

  • To chat in guild simply use the ! annotation.

Guild Wars

  • The founder can set declaration to Alliance / Neutral / War
  • If the two clans decide to set War on each other, these two guild members can kill each other on white maps.

Guild Hall

A Guild can buy a Hall if it's available, a guild can only have one Guild Hall, it's basically the home of the guild members, it's also used for storing items they act as vault, and can have PVP maps for training purpose.

Guild Sprite

  • The sprite chosen by the Founder will be applied to all guild members.
  • Patreons Members get a /sprite command to choose their sprite

Guild Interface

Guild Interface.png