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Fishing is a gathering skill that allows players to catch different sort of fish from fishing spots. To fish, a player will first need a fishing rod and baits as Worm, facedown a fishing node and press the attack while having the fishing rod equipped. The higher a player's Fishing level is the more likely catch rates increase.

Example of fishing Spots

Make sure you have a fishing rod equipped and baits available in your inventory.

Fishing spots.png

Fishing Rods

Rods cannot be repaired and must be hold in the accessory slot to be able to fish. They can be made by players.

Image Name Type Material Uses
Beginner's Rod.png
Beginner's Rod Accessory 50
Fishing Pole.png
Fishing Pole Accessory 500
Crappie-o-matic 5000 Accessory
25% Bait retention
Angler's Reel.png
Angler's Reel Accessory 2500

Crafting Location


Fishable Items

Image Name Price Sold at Price Bought at
Crappie.png Crappie 1
Green Sunfish.png Green Sunfish 1
Oyster Shell.png Oyster Shell 1


Pearls are obtained by opening Oyster Shell by double clicking it.

They are mainly used in for Alchemy making Lustrous Dust or selling them to the NPC.

  • Gray Keshi Pearl.png Gray Keshi Pearl
  • Cream Freshwater Pearl.png Cream Freshwater Pearl
  • White South Sea Pearl.png White South Sea Pearl
  • Black Tahitian Pearl.png Black Tahitian Pearl
  • Pink Akoya Pearl.png Pink Akoya Pearl