Mirage Online Classic Wiki


Available Commands:

  • @name msg - Private message to individual player.
  • #msg - Emote message to all players on same map.
  • /help - See this list of commands again.
  • /description [text] - Display or change description seen when players target you.
  • /fps - See current frames per second performance.
  • /who - Lists all players online.
  • /where - Shows your current location.
  • /ping - See current server latency.
  • /played - See how much time you have played.
  • /uptime - See how long the server has been online.
  • /motd - View current message of the day.
  • /ignore name - Ingores messages from a player.
  • /listen name - Listens to messages from a player.
  • /register code - Register a new player code.
  • /quit - Quit game and go back to login screen.
  • /whoclass - Lists all online player's classes
  • /join - To join up when the battle royale minigame is active.
  • /withdraw - To withdraw when the battle royale minigame is active.
  • /stats - See your stats.
  • /testcurse - Slowly drops your hp to 1 for a short period of time.
  • /accept - Upon being resurrected, manually accept the resurrection.
  • /slaying - Shows your next slayer task.
  • /whorebirth - List of players that have rebirthed.
  • /sparring - displays highscore of sparring levels
  • /cutthroat - displays highscore of Cutthroat clears
  • /slaying - allows you to start or view your current slaying task
  • /henrysprite (number) - Change the sprite of your pet
  • /crendalearena - Leaderboard of crendale FFA arena
  • /whodelay list of players that got the most delayed xD
  • /guildinfo information about Guilds
  • /checktreasure list of treasure chests and their loots