Mirage Online Classic Wiki


The Barbarians are close-combat fighters. They have a solid melee DPS, their rage ability allows to deal insane amount of damage within short amount of time. Enrage is an amazing ability, barbarians are bulky making close range easy, while also having the possbility to trade RAW ability damage for a medium ranged short cooldown ability.

Subclass Abilities

  • Brute: Self-Interact. Frontal AOE for 50% passive damage. Requires weapon to be equipped. [8 sec CD]
  • Anger : Self-Interact. +300 ATK at the cost of 500 hit points for 15 seconds. Damage increases by 25 and hit points are reduced by 100 per 10 levels. [15 sec CD]


  • Standard: Base class build. Only max stats increase on level.
  • Balanced: Min & max stats gained per level are even.
  • Turtle: Max SP reduced by 50%; HP increases by 6 per lost SP.



End-game expectations