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The Assassins a master of deception and surprise. They can handle himself well in direct combat, but their true abilities are seen when they get the jump on an enemy.

Default heal cap is 100% of max health of NPC. Attacking while invisible increases damage by 250 & doubles to 500 at level 25. Requires weapon to be equipped.

Subclass Abilities

  • Houdini : Passive. +1 second to invisibility; Heal value from invisible strike is tripled.
  • Poison: Passive. Invisible attacks apply a poison based on 80% of damage dealt evenly over 5 seconds. Increases by 6% per 10 levels.
  • Self-Interact. Become invisibile for 3 seconds. [6 sec CD] Heal for 33% of damage from invisible strike. Default heal cap from NPCs is 200% of max health.


  • Standard: Base class build. Only max stats increase on level.
  • Balanced: Min & max stats gained per level are even.
  • Turtle: Max SP reduced by 50%; HP increases by 6 per lost SP.



End-game expectations