Mirage Online Classic Wiki

List of Items

Image Name Type Materials Notes
Scorpion Extract.png
Scorpion Extract Currency Grind the remains of scorpions into a unique compound.
Fish Oil.png
Fish Oil Currency Extract oil derived from the tissues of fish.
G'Loritch Powder.png
G'Loritch Powder Currency Grind the remains of the hounds haunting V'Drazzig.
Learning Tonic.png
Learning Tonic Potion +10% Monster Experience for 3 Hours
Forgiveness Brew.png
Forgiveness Brew Potion Removes the player killer status
Elixir of Pronounced Life.png
Elixir of Pronounced Life Potion +1500 hit points
10 minimum level
5s cooldown
10 inventory limit
Lustrous Dust.png
Lustrous Dust Currency

Crafting Location

Elphaba Alchemy.png
Elphaba Alchemy2.png